Kids and Teen Classes

Join us for our Kids and Teen Classes

 Our pottery classes are specially geared towards fun and artistic discovery! In our friendly & relaxed environment, your child will gain knowledge & confidence with clay, while learning creative thinking. 

Potters will learn to use the potters wheel as well as learn hand building/sculpting and glazing techniques. 

Clay is highly responsive to touch and very forgiving.  It allows us to learn to repair mistakes and, therefore, not be afraid to make them! At Play with Clay we place emphasis on the discovery and joy of creating! By the end of the week, campers will have loads of new skills and knowledge, and awesome pottery.

Classes are two hours daily. 

Kids Camps (6-8 years)


Cost: $180

Class Level: beginner

Age Requirements: 7-10

Class Size: 8

Students will get a hands-on exploration of clay where they'll get to try everything! Including hand-building, throwing on the potter's wheel, surface techniques, and glazing. 

Tween Camps (9-12 years) 12:30pm-2:30pm

Cost: $180

Class Level: beginner

Age Requirements: 11-14

Class Size: 8

Students will get a hands-on exploration of clay through hand-building, throwing on the potter's wheel, surface techniques, and glazing. This class is more wheel focused. Day one we'll ease into working with our hands by hand sculpting, the rest of the wheel will focus on wheel throwing and trimming on the wheel. 


Q. How should my child prep for class?
A. They should arrive dressed comfortable clothes and shoes. The clay that we use won’t leave permanent stains, but it’s best to pick out something that they (and you) don’t mind getting a little dirty. If your child or teen has long hair, make sure he/she brings an elastic band to pull it back. Also, trimmed nails are ideal for handling clay.

Q. Will their pieces be safe to eat on and drink out of once complete?
A. Yes! We only use health-approved clay and glaze materials.

Q. When will my child’s artwork be ready?
A. All work goes through two kiln firings. The first is a bisque firing. The second is a glaze firing, making the pottery safe for food and drinks. Because of this long process, the students’ work will take approximately two weeks before they are ready to be picked up.

Q. What happens if my child’s artwork gets damaged at the studio?
A. Unfortunately, due to the nature of clay, things happen during the drying process and/or in the kiln that are beyond our control. We care very much about your children’s work and if it becomes damaged, we’ll try our best to fix it. However, we make no guarantees that the item will be restored.

Q. What happens to my child’s pieces if we forget to pick them up?
A. We hold onto artwork for 45 days. After that point, they’ll be given to charity. Thank you for understanding, as we have limited storage space!

Q. What about COVID safety?
A. For now, our kids classes are limited to 5 students at a time.  All students and teachers are required to wear a mask covering the mouth and nose for the entire duration of the class, but we also have a safe spot for kids to step away from the group to have a drink of water or take a breather from their mask if they need to do so. Handwashing stations, hand sanitizer, and hospital-grade disinfectant are provided for keeping hands, tools, and workstations clean!